No characters have been confirmed yet, although Masahiro Sakurai (director of Super Smash Bros 4) has shown interest in bringing back characters from retro titles. [2] Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken producer) and Makoto Yoshizumi (Tales producer) aren't pushing Sakurai to featuring their respective characters, although Yoshito Higuchi would love for a character or two from Tales of series to be featured. Hirada said that if fans want Tekken characters, they'll add them. [3] [4] Even though he mentioned it isn't "entirely out of the realm of possibilty" that Capcom characters may appear, Masahiro Sakurai also said that introducing too many third-party characters would have a bad effect, and he recognizes the need to narrow it down. [1] [5]


[4] (French Original:

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  1. Mario Link Kirby and Pikachu are definitely going to be in SSB4 So you can add them to the list.

  2. I wish I could automatically assume everything like you can. XD