Not much is known about the gameplay, though we do know a few things. All statements have been made by Sakurai himself.

Both Versions

Dual support will be a huge part of gameplay, as said by Masahiro Sakurai (director of Super Smash Bros 4). [1] There is also a big change coming to the series, though it won't be 3D (not as in stereoscopic 3D, but as moving in a 3D space) or welcome many complicated controls. He wants to "introduce a slightly different, fun experience all the while keeping the usual frantic game play" [2]

3DS Version

This version of Super Smash Bros 4 will be based more on the single-player experience. You should be able to build your character up through battles and rewards. These characters can be ported over to the Wii U version. [3]

Wii U Version

This version is expected to run at 60 fps and have smooth animation. Of course, graphics will be better than previous entries, thanks to the HD. [3] They're also trying to find ways to control the game using the Wii U GamePad. [2]



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