Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sakurai on Controls, Third-Party Characters, and more.

Masahiro Sakurai was with an interview with IGN today. He said a couple of things on how the controls will work with the new Wii U, third-party characters such as Tekken characters, and keeping the experience new.

He said that, "The GameCube controller is not the only way to control Smash Bros., so we will look into ways that fits the Wii U" Sakurai also admits that it will take time for the development team to get used to the new controls. He believes that he's found the series's target audience, and that gimmicks would make the brand less appealing.

"The game system itself is complete, so we don’t want to make it 3D or introduce complicated controls just for the sake of it," Sakurai said. "However, I am thinking of ways we can introduce a slightly different, fun experience all the while keeping the usual frantic game play."

On the topic of third-party characters, he replied, "I think Snake and Sonic joining were fantastic. It made many fans happy, and it broadened the Smash Bros arena. However, introducing more non-Nintendo characters willy-nilly will lose the focus of the game, so I also recognise the need to narrow it down."

What do you think about this interview of awesomeness? (Not including the third-party part, that just depends on preference) Sound off in the comments below! And Happy Smashing!

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